Removing friction

I redesigned the workspace setup experience to make it faster and easier.


Understanding the journey

Going into this, I had a few hypotheses about trouble spots. To make sure those instincts were well-founded, I conducted moderated, task-based testing on the current UI.

It turned out that one phase of onboarding — connecting to a version control system — was a core point for abandonment.

In addition to preparing a formal report, I also designed a "subway map" that helped stakeholders understand the gravity of current problems.


Make onboarding great again

With these findings in mind, we focused our attention on redesigning the experience.

I chunked a formerly long form into three meaningful steps. This helped reduce cognitive load by making users focus on smaller tasks in isolation.


We support seven different types of version control systems from three providers. For commonly used VCSes, we use a point-and-click OAuth flow.


After they connect, we pull back the repositories associated with their account.


All that's left at this point is to give it a name. We prepopulate this from the repository name but allow them to change it. Less commonly acccessed options are progressively disclosed.


A number of states had to be accommodated. I detailed these so that engineers were well-prepared.

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